Gargantua Lab was portals’ secret facility located in a remote island close to bermuda triangle. It is where our most state-of-the-art technology was located. In the facility, portals research unit did most of its experiment on teleportation through time dimension.
In the early 2016, our top scientists have found Pokeballs lurking around the andromeda. It would take few months to portal all the pokeballs to earth as there were billions of them.
However, a heavy storm suddenly came and the facility combusted and disappeared. Portals Chief has tried to make contact with the facility but no one has responded. it would seem that the earthquake has banished everything. The only way to get there is by teleporting with our portal technology. Portals Chief is looking for volunteers to go there, unveil the truth, and recover the gargantua machine to carry on the Pokeballs project.

World's First 'Movie Immersion' Escape Game

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