Season 1 Portals

THE-BILLIONAIRE---THUMB-1000x1000 BILLIONARE LEVELRecommended Players: 6-7
Skillset: Analytical, Observation and Team Work

                                                           [EPISODE 1: THE BILLIONARE]                                                                                  A European billionaire from the 18th Century was known to have bequeathed a secret box. No words have been spoken of on who is the heir nor what is contained in the mysterious box.   more…

THE-MAGICIAN---THUMB-1000x1000magician gb Recommended Players: 6-7 Skillset: Observation, Team Work and Magic Knowledge

[EPISODE 2: THE MAGICIAN]                                                                                      The Faceless is known for innovative tricks that has brought magic to a new level. In 1925, while performing his final show before retirement, he failed.   more…

DARK-CARNAVAL---THUMB-1000x1000  carnavalRecommended Players: 6-7  Skillset: Bravery, Observation Skill, Team Work

                                                                   [EPISODE 3: DARK CARNAVAL]                                                                              Dark Carnaval revolves around a mysterious cabin in the mountainous region of Central Italy. Locals have warned that those who have entered the cabin will be trapped in another dimension forever. more…

Portals Season 2

HAKANAWA-ISLAND---THUMB-1000x1000hakanawaRecommended Players: 6-7 Skillset: Physical, Team Work and Prison Break Knowledge

[EPISODE 1: HAKANAWA ISLAND]                                                              Hakanawa Island is one of the most isolated prisons in the world which contains highly dangerous criminals from around the world. No single prisoner has ever escaped from Hakanawa. Recently, the United Nations were welcomed with a surprised visitor, who claimed to have escaped from Hakanawa. The prisoner spoke of brutal human experimentations that were carried out at the facility.

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