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Comingsoonhakanawa levelKnown as of the most secured prisons in the world, Hakanawa Island is located in one of the most remote islands in the East Japanese sea. Druglords, serial rapists, terrorists, mass murderers, and other individuals who are shunned by the society for their crimes, are the main inhabitants of the island. Rumours have been reported that no single prisoner who has been sent to Hakanawa is ever seen again despite having completed their service term. Recently, the United Nations Center for Human Rights was visited by a man who claimed to have escaped from the island. He said that the facility is no ordinary prison, human experimentations were carried out on the prisoners. The local authorities have denied those claims and reported that they are in full compliance. Due to the remoteness of the area and the possibility of the local authorities covering up by destroying all the necessary evidence, the United Nations have commissioned a special team to utilize the PORTALS technology to travel to the moment which the prisoner has escaped to investigate this anomaly.