Portals Escape


What is the Portals?

  • PORTALS is a physical adventure game where you and your team are given 90 minutes to complete specific missions by searching for clues and solving different puzzles in each rooms. Keen Observation, Real Teamwork, and Witful Thinking will come in handy in solving the puzzles in the rooms.
  • The escape room phenomenon is fast becoming a trend that is spreading across the world. Focusing on the concept of ‘Movie-Immersion’, Portals offer a unique entertainment experience. This real life game is fitful for Families, Friends, and even Corporate Events. The combination of different elements is sure to bring forward an unforgettable Bonding moment for your Team.

How is the PORTALS different from the other escape rooms?

  • Portals is the first Escape Room that is born out of the concept of ‘Movie-Immersion’. Inspired by numerous mini-theme parks across Wonderful Japan, Portals strives to provide the best and most unique escape experience to our players. You will journey into the ‘movie’ adventure that you choose and solve puzzles to proceed through the stages in each episodes.

Who should play at the Portals?

  • We are rated E, for EVERYONE! All ages, young and old, are always welcomed at our doors.

Are there physical or outfit restrictions on experiencing the Portals?

  • To ensure the safety and satisfaction of each players, those who are restricted to physical activities such as climbing or crawling are advised to wait for full recovery. As for the ladies, please refrain from wearing skirts or heels. There are several obstacles in the game that will require agility and physical movements.

What is the ideal number of players in a team?

  • A team of 6 to 7 players would be able to maximize the Portals experience. Our rooms have been designed for the capacity to hold up to 10 players.

What does the Mind, Thrill, and Activity symbols in each episodes indicate?

  • Mind refers to the amount of brain power needed to solve the puzzles. Thrill is the level of suspense players will experience in each episodes. Activity is the level of physical activity involved in the episodes

Season and Episode, what do they mean?

  • Season is the general theme within each episodes. Just like any awesome series, the story of each episodes are all related that leads to the conclusion of a story. Hence, to fully experience the Portals, we recommend players to begin from Episode 1. However, players are not restricted to starting from the beginning as there puzzles in each Episode are not interrelated and hence will not hinder your escape experience.

Directions to get to the Portals?

  • We are conveniently located next to English First – Gading Serpong. Right across from ACE Hardware, and next to Restaurant Sinar Medan. Summarecon Mal Serpong is 5 mintues on foot from the Portals.

Is there a Franchise opportunity?

  • Yes, we are in the midst of finalizing a Portals franchise scheme. We aim to expand into other large cities in Indonesia, from Medan to Manado. If you are interested, please send us an email to marketing@escapetheportals.com with regards to your proposal and location.

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