MAGICIAN LevelThis adventure is loosely based on a legendary figure in the mysterious trade of Magic, known by his stage name of The Faceless, who was known as the best escape artist in the early 20th century. His amazing abilities have inspired many young and aspiring magicians around the world. The Faceless was repeatedly chosen as the Head of The Aeternalis, the World’s Magic Society. In 1925, as part of his Final Act before retiring as the first Magic Hall of Fame, The Faceless performed his most famous act, the Chinese Water Torture. To everyone’s surprise, He had failed to escape in time and drowned in the process.

As the world mourned, the Aeternalis set out to investigate the accident which had caused The Faceless’s death. Early clues led to the mysterious disappearance of a personal artifact of The Faceless, known as the ‘Eye of Sigismund’. Rumours have it that the ‘Eye of Sigismund’ was not in the possession of The Faceless and many conspiracy theories arose that there are connections between this incident and His death.

Decades have passed but the Aeternalis has not given up on solving the mystery that has shrouded the fame of their greatest leader. They decided to appoint a special taskforce from the PORTALS to travel back in time to the Secret Chamber in which The Faceless failed to perform his final act.

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