Billionare LevelGaspard de Gourbillon, born in France in 1825, was a highly successful businessman and has accumulated so much wealth that no one could match and was labelled as ‘The First Multimillionaire’ in the world. Unfortunately, Gaspard was known to not have any successors and all his wealth was usurped by the State. However, in early 2000s, as a massive earthquake swept across the region, a secret box accompanied with a will were unearthed as part a rescue mission at what happened to be Gaspard’s long abandoned mansion. As announced by the local government, the will stated that all his remaining wealth was to be inherited by his heir.

The news spreaded like wildfire and hundreds came from all over the world to claim that they are the true heir of Gaspard de Gourbillon. The verification process took years and finally 3 individuals with the strongest alibis remained as the potential heir. As they themselves were unable to reach an agreement on determining who is the true heir, experts were hired to assist in the investigation. The team traced through every single piece of information they could retrieve about Gaspard, from his family relations, friends, and his estimated wealth. Will all the information, they were however still unable to solve the mystery. The three heirs finally appointed a special team from PORTALS to utilize the technology to go back in time to Gaspard’s mansion before the incident and uncover the truth.

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